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I am proud to introduce you to my team of Certified Spiritual Life Coaches from around the globe.  Each of these coaches has been trained rigorously through my signature coaching program and system.  Yes, I feel that makes them special, but what makes each of them even more unique is their own "POWERFUL JOURNEYS" which they have embarked upon in life.  Rather it was birthed from pain into purpose, mastered through life lessons, trained as subject matter experts in their field, or just sharing skills while embracing their gifts, they've combined each of them into an act of servanthood.  I believe that in order to lead well, one must serve well.  We are here as Community Leaders trained and equipped to help you fulfill your dream and life's purpose.   

Dr. Angella Banks


Dee McNeil (NC)

Empowerment Coach

Lolitha Terry (TN)

Single Parenting Coach

Christy Harris (TN)

Holistic Fitness Coach

Rachael Drayton (FL)

Military Transition Coach

Keela Maxie (CA)

Wife Military Coach

Otha Vern Shaw (TN)

Relationship Coach

Karen Culliver (NE)

Empowerment Coach

Dr. Regina Turner (NY)

Breakthrough Strategist Coach

Dr. Mary Jo Johnson (CA)

Book & Editing Coach

Dorothy Hill (TN)

Personal Development 


Phyllis Arnold (TX)

Self Care Coach

Dr. Maria Armstrong (Japan) Counseling & Encouragement Coach

Bola Harding (TX)

Emotional-Self Love Coach


Deidre Proctor (TX)

Business Clarity Coach

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