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About XCA

Community Engaged. Focused. and Driven Leaders

Our Xcellence Community America-Global members are some of the top emerging and advanced-level leaders across the world.  Their professions rank as some of the top leaders in their respective industries.  Yet each one is committed to using their talents and skills to give back to and grow their communities.  At the core of each of our leaders is a servant's heart.  We receive high accolades from our members as they celebrate being in a community of like-minded individuals who thrive as eagles such as themselves.   

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Community Leadership is vital to the world.  It affects our businesses, organizations, and society as a whole.  Leaders who have been trained in both Personal and Professional Development understand that in order to be successful leaders must come to the forefront and become ambassadors for change.   

Our mission is to create excellence communities by training community leaders in self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and leadership to achieve their dreams.  Click arrow below to view Press Kit.  

Support us so we can continue to develop, empower, and promote community leadership globally.  We are changing communities through leadership.  

Join our global community of Xcellence.  We are a brotherhood and sisterhood community leaders operating in a spirit of excellence and unity.   

Become a corporate partner or sponsor of Xcellence, Inc.  We are committed to community leadership and improving communities.  Let us train your team, leaders, and employees!  Let's make an impact in our city together. Click below to view Media Kit

Xcellence, Inc. focuses on three strategic areas of community leadership through development, empowerment, and promotion of leaders.  We use our online educational platform of Xcellence Leadership University to help develop and train leaders to reach their greatest potential and transform communities abroad.  We empower through our Xcellence Leadership Coaching firm with certified coaches, and we promote community leadership through our Xcellence Community Magazine, available online and print. 

We are committed to grassroots initiatives to find and fill the needs of communities and its leaders.  We believe that as we develop leaders, we empower them to become the best version of themselves and achieve their dreams and purpose in life, thereby having an indirect impact on the communities economic development, and long-term sustainability.  

How do we do it?

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"We Are Servant Leaders"

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